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Who are we?

What makes us so special, you ask? How are we able to connect to spirit or use tools like Tarot or Oracle cards to enlighten your path? In truth, we were born this way. In fact, we were all born this way.

Everyone has the innate ability to be an everyday medium by connecting with the divine, to embrace their own individual talents. For instance, you may have an ability to play an instrument, draw, sing or do mathematics but only disciplined training and practice will enable you to embrace the full talent and potential that your ability offers.

We, as mediums, work at our craft on a daily basis and continue to hone our abilities so that we too may reach our full potential in service to the spirit world. We strive to provide our clients with the utmost compassion, honesty and integrity. If you are seeking a mediumship session or hoping for some intuitive guidance consider using Third Eye Mystics.

Erin Knight

Erin Knight is a psychic medium and tarot card reader who has been able to connect with spirit since she was a child. Growing up, she would often see spirits at night and would feel them in large crowds. Fear of being judged and ridiculed made her want to ignore spirit and her abilities. Once Erin realized this was her life’s path, her fears dissipated allowing her to help others with her gift.

Erin has always been drawn to all things metaphysical and was gifted her first set of tarot cards from her father at the age of 14. As co-founder of Edmonton based Third Eye Mystics Inc., Erin continues to follow her spiritual path by providing her clients with healing, loving messages from their loved ones on the other side. Every reading that she provides leaves her feeling humbled and honored.

With Third Eye Mystics, Erin also co-teaches a Psychic Play drop-in course to help other like-minded individuals flex their own psychic muscle. Other courses that Erin offers include: Mediumship Mentoring, Psychic Awareness mentoring, Spirit Walk (connecting with Spirit Guides) and Introduction to the Wisdom of Tarot.

Donna Beker

People are often a little anxious about coming to a medium. Let Donna alleviate those fears as she delivers messages, from your loved ones in spirit, in an honest, forthright and down-to-earth manner.

Donna would often get prophetic dreams as a child and she became very comfortable with her psychic abilities. She was also familiar with seeing and hearing spirits but did not take on a full understanding of this ability until she started to meet and share her experiences with other mediums.

Donna has trained with a variety of teachers and tutors, schooled in the mystical arts, while on mediumship retreats, courses and seminars. In addition, she is a cofounder of Third Eye Mystics Inc.

Although Donna’s main focus is as a medium she also enjoys working with Tarot cards. She finds that the Tarot serves as a visual vocabulary by using images to express the circumstances and opportunities that surround us. Tarot cards are especially useful for smaller readings as Spirit often uses them as a short-cut to get a message across quickly.

Donna is honoured to be a part of your communication with spirit.

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