There are seven main chakras (energy centers) of the body. These chakras are like spiraling balls of energy where each one is in relation to the others. All seven chakras are vital to our health. Click on each chakra below to learn more.

Crown / Seventh

Crown chakra is Violet
Location: Top of the head.
Function: Personal identification with infinity, beauty, creativity and inspiration.
Inner state: Bliss
Planet: Uranus
Stone: Amethyst
Meditation: I understand.

Once the Crown chakra is balanced vitality is given to the cerebrum increasing development of psychic abilities.

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Third Eye / Sixth

Third Eye chakra is Indigo. 
Location: middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. 
Function: Intuition, mysticism and understanding. 
Inner state: I know. 
Planet: Jupiter
Stone: Iolite
Meditation: I see.

Once the Third Eye chakra is balanced psychic perception is increased.

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Throat / Fifth

Throat chakra is bright Blue. 
Location: Throat
Function: Communication, creativity and self-expression. 
Planet(s): Mercury and Neptune
Stone (s): Sodalite, Blue Lace, Agate and Lapis Lazuli. 
Meditation: I speak.

It is important to keep the Throat chakra balanced for the speech and communication areas of the brain.

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Heart / Fourth

Heart chakra is Green. 
Location: Center of the chest. 
Function: Unconditional love. 
Inner state: Compassion. 
Planet: Venus 
Stone(s): Peridot, Rose Quartz and Malachite. 
Meditation: I love.

It is important to keep the Heart chakra balanced for the circulatory system, heart and thymus, as well as, for spiritual health.

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Solar Plexus / Third

Solar plexus chakra is Yellow. 
Location: Below the ribs and above the navel. 
Function: Confidence, self-worth, power, laughter, joy and anger. 
Planet(s): Mars and the Sun. 
Stone(s): Amber, Topaz and Citrine. 
Meditation: I do.

To balance the Solar Plexus chakra is to calm your emotions and frustrations, easing tensions and to better exercise your intuition.

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Sacral / Second

Sacral chakra is bright Orange. 
Location: Lower abdomen. 
Function: Enthusiasm, sexuality, desire and procreation. 
Planet(s): Moon and its stones are Coral and Carnelian. 
Meditation: I feel.

It is important to keep the Sacral chakra balanced for sexual vitality, fertility and physical power.

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Root / First

Root chakra is Red. 
Location: Base of your spine. 
Function: Confidence, grounding and stability. 
Planet(s): Earth and Saturn. 
Stone(s): Garnet, Ruby, Onyx and Obsidian. 
Meditation: I am.

To balance the Root chakra is to assist in grounding, control fear, increase overall health and give energy to the physical body.

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