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Psychic Play Online is a chance to Discover, Develop, and Practice your psychic abilities from the comfort of your own home.

Are you intuitive? Do you often feel the energy or moods of those around you? Do you sometimes just know things?

Open up or expand your intuition as you Explore, Develop and Practice with other spirit-minded students in our Online Psychic Play.

Join us for our Sept/Oct Psychic development classes. Classes Sept 20th, Mondays starting Sept 20th, 27th, October 5th,12th, 18th and 25th from 6:30-8:30 PM (MDT)

We use fun exercises to give your psychic muscle a workout but we like to think of it as playtime. Can’t make a class, don’t worry all classes are recorded for student replay.  All you need is a computer, pen, paper and a quiet space. There will be individual work as well as paired partner practice. Some of the modalities we will be exploring include telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychometry, scrying, and remote viewing. This class is suitable for all levels of experience. There is always something new to learn and practice.

Erin Knight and Donna Beker are psychic mediums from Alberta, Canada. They have been hosting and facilitating their popular development class, Psychic Play, for 8 years in-house and are very excited to be taking this class on-line. All classes will be using Zoom.

Sept/Oct 2021

Class times and Investment:

  •  6 classes for only $125.00 (Eventbrite fee included)
  • Video replay of registered classes will be included so you don’t have to worry about missing a class. 

The Last Breath book

True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages from Heaven

Donna is excited to announce that she is one of the contributing authors for The Last Breath, True Stories of Mediumship, the Afterlife & Messages from Heaven. 

Mediums from around the world share their real-life personal experiences of the afterlife and spirit communication.  Our loved ones are not gone but alive and thriving in the Spirit World. They watch over us and offer loving support from the Other Side.  Whether you are a skeptic or a believer these stories will offer you a different perspective when it comes to dealing with the loss and grief of a loved one.  Death is only a transition from one realm to another.

Donna’s story, Born This Way chapter 19, discusses what it’s like to grow up with mediumistic and psychic abilities and how children benefit when their stories are heard not as a fanciful imagination but as a real-life experience. This book provides hope and inspiration to those who have felt the pain and heartbreak of losing a loved one.

With over 130- 5 star reviews it has hit bestseller status on and made it to #29 in Amazons top 100!  Available NOW in Paperback and Kindle digital at, and Amazon.UK

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