Evidence, what do we mean when we say that we are evidential mediums?

Evidence, what do we mean when we say that we are evidential mediums?

The one thing we are most often asked is how do we know our loved ones are around.  As a medium, a spirit works hard to let us know who it is on the other side, by making us aware of intimate or personal details that sites such as Facebook or Google would not be privy to.

For example, during a mediumship sitting for a client I felt a daughter that had passed. As I blended with her spirit, I was made aware of the phrase ‘Kiss Kiss’ being relevant and special to her mom, who sat across from me.  Her mom confirmed to me that her daughter would often use that exact phrase when saying goodbye.  It brought tears of relief to know that her daughter was still around even in spirit especially since she hadn’t had the chance to say it before she passed. 

Another time a spirit came forward and identified themselves as the wife of the husband that I was reading.  She recounted that it had been raining hard on the day of her funeral and she had always loved the smell of rain. The memory of that rainy day was strong for her husband and even now the smell of rain reminds him of her.  He was comforted to know that her love and support was still around him. 

Once, while sitting in my usual meditation, prior to a client’s arrival, I became aware of a grandmother and the image of her holding a blanket that had big green squares on it. Later as my client, a young woman, sat before me the grandmother once again came forward with her green checked blanket.   I relayed to the young woman that her grandmother was excited that she still had this blanket because her grandmother had made it for a special day.  The young woman smiled through tears as she told me that it was a birthday blanket that her grandmother had made and it was exactly as described. In fact, that very day was indeed her birthday.  She was thrilled that even though her grandmother had been gone for a few years she was still able to wish her a Happy Birthday by bringing forward the memory of the birthday blanket. 

These are just a few examples of how spirit works with the medium to communicate their love and caring for you even though they are no longer in this world.

The strongest evidence will always be the memories that you shared with your loved ones. 

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