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Mystics is a word used to define those that feel their life’s purpose is not only to connect to the spiritual realm but to effect change by doing so.  Although we were born with this ability, we believe the power comes through us not from us, everything and everyone is connected on some spiritual level.  We feel that we were meant to foster a working relationship with the spiritual world so that we may create a positive change in our physical world. This involves a continuous path of learning, teaching and evolving through meditation and the practice of our craft.  Hence, we became the Third Eye Mystics.

What Is A Psychic? The term “psychic” often conjures up images of a long skirted-scarf-wearing woman with big earrings and crystal balls. Anything paranormal often falls into the ‘psychic’ category. Of course everyone is familiar with our five senses of taste, smell, hearing, touch and sight but our sixth sense, one that is often referred to as ESP, (extra sensory perception) is just as real as any of the others. It is that mother’s intuition, spark of clarity or nagging feeling in your gut that something is amiss. Even if you choose not to give it a label everyone has some psychic ability but not everyone is a medium.
A medium is a psychic that uses the heightened ability of mediumship to communicate with the spirits of loved ones who have died.
No. However, all mediums are psychic.

Psychics do not communicate with those that have crossed over but rather read the energy of the Aura, whereas, a medium focuses on mediumship for most of their information.

Mediums may use either mental mediumship where communication with spirits is done while fully conscious or physical mediumship, where the physical body is used to get information from spirits through a process known as channeling or trances.

Mental mediumship may use one or more of the following processes known as ‘Clairs”:

Claircognizant- (clear knowing)  Information seems to have been planted into your brain, you just ‘know’ what spirit wants to say.

Clairsentience – (clear feeling) Information is given with strong, emphatic feelings and emotions from spirit.  The medium may feel pain, tingling or chills in a particular area of their body or emotions of joy, fear or sadness, which in turn is significant to the spirit’s message.

Clairvoyance – (clear vision) The ability to use the mind’s eye (Third Eye) to see objects, colors, symbols, people, spirits or scenes.  These pictures usually flash into the medium’s mind like mini videos or snapshots.  A spirit may also appear in 3-D or shadowy form to the medium but usually a spirit requires a tremendous amount of focused energy to do this.

Clairaudient – (clear hearing) Hearing words, sounds or music inside your head almost like your own voice.  You may be thinking about something and suddenly another thought (that appears to be random) crosses over what you were thinking, this is spirit.  Sometimes a spirit will be able make an audible sound but again this takes an enormous amount of energy.

Clairgustance – (clear tasting) The ability to get a sense of taste from the spirit. E.g. the medium tastes onions and the spirit hated/loved onions.

Clairscent or Clairsalience– (clear smelling) The ability to smell a fragrance or odor coming from the spirit. E.g. the medium gets the scent of pipe tobacco from a spirit who was a pipe smoker.

Clairtangency- (clear touch) Also known as psychometry, involves touching an object or person to make the connection to spirit.

The third eye is believed by many spiritual philosophies and religions to be an invisible eye in the middle of one’s forehead, which has the ability to see, that which is beyond ordinary sight. As a mystical ability the third eye can be used to predict events or occurrences and is usually activated with yoga or meditation. Once activated one may also see Auras and visions, have precognition, or out-of body experiences. The third eye, also known as the Ajna or brow chakra, is the 6th chakra and it connects us to our internal intuitions, sharpens our senses and ultimately opens up one’s communication to a higher consciousness or enlightenment.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translated means wheel or disk.  Starting from the spine there are seven main chakras that are essentially spinning wheels of energy.  It is important to keep these chakras aligned so that one may feel healthy, vibrant and alive.  When they are out of alignment (unbalanced) a blockage occurs and energy is unable to flow freely, making one feel unwell.

1Root- foundation/grounding
2Sacral- Sexuality, pleasure & abundance.
3Solar Plexus– Confidence/Self Esteem.
4Heart– love.
5. Throat– Communication.
6. Third Eye– Inner awareness.
7Crown– Spirituality.

According to many Eastern religions, (Hinduism, Buddhism etc.) there are seven layers to an aura, which are chakra energy waves (unseen to many) that surround the outside of the body in oval bands of vibrating colour. The aura contains information about one’s physical, emotional and spiritual health, in addition to, events related to the past, present and future, which is how people that are sensitive to aural vibrations such as psychics and mediums are able to read the aura of an individual.

Meditation is the exercise of silencing the mind. It takes practice to do this but even taking 10 minutes a day can be beneficial. You may find that focusing on a candle flame or one point on the wall will aid in bringing the mind to a center point when it begins to wander. You may prefer to use a guided CD initially, or chant a phrase. Pick a time of day when you will be undisturbed. When we can quiet our mind, worries drop away and we begin to feel an inner peace. We learn to let go of trivial worries, and to go with the flow. Stress is reduced, concentration is enhanced and the outcome is a more productive, calmer and freer individual.
Mediums don’t get to choose the spirit; they choose us, because like us they have free will. Spirits may come through with the message you need to hear and not necessarily the message you want to hear. Loved ones often step forward during difficult or challenging times of your life with messages of love and support but there is no guarantee that the ones you want are the ones that will show up. Just realize that those that choose to come through also have important messages for you.
Yes they are with us, especially when we need extra comfort through challenges. We believe that the spirit world is all around us and is made up of energetic vibrations. This physical earthly plane that we exist on as humans have lower and denser vibrations or frequencies, whereas the Spirit World vibrates at a much higher rate or frequency making it invisible to the human eye (much like the human ear does not hear certain sonic sounds). Imagine a veil separating two parallel planes, this side and the ‘Other Side’. As mediums we must raise our frequency or vibrations up whereas those spirits on the Other Side must lower theirs to connect on a level that allows for communication. This takes an enormous amount of energy for a spirit to do (it can be pretty tiring for the medium as well). As a result, it’s not something they’re going to be doing all the time, which is not to say that they aren’t aware of what’s going on with your life at any given moment.
Since the ‘Other Side’ is made up of highly vibrational energetic beings we believe that they can indeed be in two places at the same time; either by traveling at the speed of light or by splitting the energy as required. This is difficult for us to comprehend over here with our structured thought processes but over there- anything is possible.
We do private readings face to face, over the phone or by Skype. We also will read for smaller groups.
Yes, you may record your session.
We focus on your name, voice, and aural vibrations and connect with your loved ones the same way that we would if you were sitting across from us.
We believe everyone has some psychic ability and that it can be strengthened through practice. We offer classes that will allow you to explore those abilities in a safe, fun environment with other like-minded people. Check out our ‘psychic play’ for further details.

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