Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to our website.

Who are we, you may wonder, and how did we come to be the Third Eye Mystics?

Several years ago, my son was very excited to introduce me to the love of his life, who, I am happy to say, became his loving wife and my daughter-in-law, Erin.

Erin grew up feeling and seeing spirits around her and it was those occurrences that brought us to a kindred place.

Psychic abilities were something we’d both experienced and were comfortable with so you would think that allowing spirits to use us as messengers seemed like a natural next step, however, that proved difficult since speaking to spirits can be viewed negatively by some and as crazy by others.

My son’s meeting Erin turned out to be very serendipitous, as Erin and I found ourselves having many discussions about our ‘experiences’ and soon realized that we had similar concerns and goals.

Speaking for myself, I came from a science background and therefore always tried to make logical sense of everything- no matter how strange (and believe me – I’ve seen strange). Next, I set off to explore and educate myself and sought out the help of a renowned medium who taught me the fundamental principals. (How to ground and protect myself from unwanted energies.)

It was through our individual explorations that Erin and I no longer felt isolated or strange (well I might still be a little strange) and came to realize that we have developed these abilities so that we might give comfort and healing to others. Hence, we became the Third Eye Mystics.

Spirits have things to say and we are here to be their messengers.

This blog will be used to express our experiences giving readings and to answer the many questions that we have encountered on our mediumship journey.

Book a reading with Erin or myself (Donna) by dropping us a message here or on Facebook.

Thanks for being a part of our journey,


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