Life Lessons

Life Lessons

Time Flies.  This may be a cliche but it is still true.  We all set good intentions to stay in regular touch with friends, or family or to lose weight, or to write new blog posts every week, month, year 😉 but life often gets in the way to sidetrack those good intentions.  The important thing is to keep moving forward and eventually that life path may bring you back around to where you left off so that you can finish that project or meet that long lost friend and if it doesn’t, Que Sera Sera (what will be, will be).

I recently experienced some severe knee pain and was dismayed to discover that I am in need of a knee replacement.  I am hoping to delay the inevitable with physiotherapy and weight loss but in the meantime I am unable to move freely or as quickly as I want.  Since I am a bit of a control freak and prone to impatience, this has become a series of life lessons for me as I have had to ask for help and let go of the control.  For example, this past Friday, while trying to set up for a Tarot class that Erin and I were about to teach- I was forced to sit and watch as others kindly put out the supplies and set up the tables, chairs and other materials that the course required.  I struggled to not comment or intervene with where things should be put or how they needed to go together.  Life lesson #1.  Accept help. It allows others to shine.  I become aware of how assertive (read bossy) I could be.  Life lesson #2.  Let others have a chance to figure things out for themselves.  It allows them to learn and grow.  Another instance was just this morning when I sent my husband off with a detailed list to the grocery store.  He seldom shops so I made things easier for him by grouping the items for the proper food aisles.  When he returned with the wrong type of cottage cheese I had to bite my tongue as I thanked him for getting everything on my list (even if it was 2% and not the dry curd cottage cheese that I had asked for). Life lesson #3.  Show gratitude with a smile.  People are also more likely to help others if the experience was emotionally rewarding.

As I rest and give my knee a chance to heal I realize I can take advantage of the downtime to do something I enjoy but get little time for, and that is to write, hence, this blog post.  My injury has given me pause and time to reflect on what I want to accomplish for the next 5 years of my life. (I prefer 5 year plans)  Life lesson #4.  Use time wisely and Do something meaningful.  (It really only has to be meaningful to you.)

Life lesson #5. is perhaps the most important lesson and that is For every down there is an up.  Look for that silver lining and make it yours. 

Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.



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  1. I love this Donna (from a fellow control freak!). Giving others the opportinity to learn and grow is a gift we give ourselves and them.

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