New Year, new energy!

New Year, new energy!

As we approach the end of 2016 and the bright energy of 2017 is on the horizon, we start to envision what the New Year might bring. Out with the old and in with the new! The end of the year is the perfect time to release any old, stale energy. Declutter your surroundings, your head and your heart to allow the flow of fresh energy. Here are five things that we at Third Eye Mystics recommend to help attract positive energy and abundance into your life this upcoming year.

  1. Create a vision board: A vision board is a fantastic way to attract abundance.  The premise of a vision board is to bring to life your goals and desires by visualization.  By creating a vision board and placing it in a spot where you see it multiple times a day, you end up focusing on these desires and putting those thoughts and ideas out to the Universe.  You should attach to your vision board not only material objects but how you want to feel in the upcoming year.  Maybe the last few months have been emotionally draining and you want to fee more contentment, then you should include on your vision board things that make you feel happy.  Sunflowers, your pets, or simply sitting outside listening to the birds.  Whatever that may be, attach it to your vision board.  Things on your vision board should inspire and motivate you.  After all, the purpose of a vision board is to bring to life everything on it.
  2. Cutting cords of attachment: Anytime you have a relationship with someone, you become energetically connected to them.  We call these connections “cords”.  Picture thin silver cords that run from you to your spouse, child, co-worker, or even to relationships that are no more.  Cutting cords of attachment simply means that you are severing any energetic ties to those in your life, leaving your personal energy with you and releasing any energy that does not belong to you.  This is something that you should do for all relationships in your life whether they are positive or negative ones.  Here’s a good example of why this is important: say you were in an intimate relationship and the person you were in this relationship with caused you a lot of heart break.  You have created an energy cord from your heart chakra to theirs.  Until you cut this cord completely you will find it difficult to let go of this relationship and move on to one that is more positive.  A simple way to cut these cords of attachment is to say a prayer to your higher self and visualize cutting these cords with a big pair of scissors.
  3. Declutter and cleanse your life:  The New Year is the perfect time to purge!  Surround yourself only with things that bring you joy and peace.  The key to this process is to not get overwhelmed.  Start with the room you spend the most time in.  Purge anything that you no longer need.  A lot of times we create emotional attachments to items and hold onto them for years out of guilt.  Try donating these things to charity or to someone you know.  Once you get on a roll you’ll find that it feels so good having a fresh clean space that you’ll move onto the next room in no time.  It’s also important to declutter our mind as well.  Start writing in a journal.  I see so many clients who have trouble sleeping because they have so much on their minds.  I always suggest writing it down.  All of it.  A lot of the time, once you get the clutter out of your head and put it somewhere tangible like a piece of paper, it gives you a little bit of clarity.  Meditation is also key in this step as well.  For more on meditation, please check out my last blog on the benefits of meditation.
  4. Use only positive words: Really start paying attention to your vocabulary.  Are you noticing the phrases “I can’t” “I won’t” etc.?  The words we say and put out into the universe really do manifest into form.  Remember to always speak positively when you are speaking about yourself, your work, your house, your relationship and your life.  Try giving yourself daily affirmations and words of encouragement.  You’ll start noticing a change in the energy around you in no time.
  5. Forgive:  This is a big one.  Let go of resentment.  When you continuously think about bad memories or the people who hurt you, it fills you with the heavy energy of resentment.  This is a terrible thing to live with.  We are not responsible for what people do, we are responsible for how we react.  Forgive others, forgive yourself and let go of that pain.  Remember we are not forgiving for anyone else but ourselves.  Until you can do that, you will carry that resentment with you in your heart, in your stomach and in your mind.  Release that energy and start to heal.

Remember to honour yourself this upcoming year.  Do what makes you happy.  Surround yourself with people who make you laugh.  Put yourself and your feelings first.

What are some things you plan on doing this year to welcome new energy?  Please remember to like, comment and share this post.  We love hearing from you!

Thank you for all your love and support this past year.  2016 was good but I can tell 2017 is going to be even better!

Much love,

Erin xo


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