Social Distancing is the new catchphrase

Social Distancing is the new catchphrase

CoVid19 is the word of the day, every day!  Our lives are being saturated with television briefings, social media conspiracies and print headlines.  Daily numbers of infected and the dead roll before our eyes.  Self-isolation and social distancing have become the new catchphrases.  It all starts to make one feel rather numb and fearful.

Meditation is especially useful during this time.  Although one of the key refrains we hear is that I can’t shut my mind off or that I am too busy to meditate.  But really there is no need to shut your mind off.  In fact, that is impossible, instead what is needed is a focus.  Focus on your breath or a candle or a tree and just breathe in and out.  Just for that moment with your hands on your knees, just breathe, in and out.  As you focus on your breath your mind will begin to relax.  Even 10 minutes a day will give you some respite from the worry and craziness you feel going on around you.  Of course, with kids at home you might have to lock yourself in the bathroom for those ten minutes. But do it!  You will feel refreshed and ready to tackle what’s ahead with new vigor.

Thankfully besides meditation we also have technology to help us through these times.  Although businesses might be familiar with using video for meetings, many individuals are not and only recently have been pushed to use this technology.  People are stepping out of their comfort zones to use platforms like Zoom to work from home and to communicate with groups of loved ones.

Third Eye Mystics has taken social distancing seriously and has had to adapt to this new crisis by scheduling all new readings as either Zoom video or phone sessions as opposed in-person readings.

The first question everyone asks us is, will the reading be just as accurate?  If we could shout this from the rooftops we would, YES, YES, YES!  They are just as accurate.  Let us explain why that is.  When we as mediums connect to the spirit world or as psychics connect to your soul, we are moving our energy to a higher vibration and blending with the spirit or soul to become aware of specific details and information.   Your loved ones that are in the spirit world have an intelligence and therefore are also aware that we are trying to blend with them.  The mode of our communication is irrelevant to them.  Whether we relay the info over the phone or by video or in person makes no difference to their ability to communicate with us.  As long as the medium is able to raise his/her vibration and awareness to the spirit world, they will be able to blend with a spirit to bring their stories to light for you.  This goes for psychic and tarot readings. For tarot we shuffle the cards and ask you to tell us when to stop.  If we do this over ZOOM, we can show the card as it’s pulled or even take a photo and send it to you.

The second question we often get asked is how do I use Zoom. Once you have booked your reading with either Erin or Donna you will receive an email confirmation with the details of the session such as date and time.  We recommend that you download ZOOM ahead of time and have a working camera/microphone.  You can use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  Go to to download the free software.  No account is needed and you can even practice with a friend beforehand so that you get the feel of it.

Of course, there is always the tried and true telephone readings.  No hassle, we just call you at the appropriate time.  Easy.

These times may be unprecedented but it’s a relief to know that we may still communicate in a face to face manner without being in the same room or even in the same country and if you are looking for a mediumship, psychic, or a tarot card reading we are here for you. (Message us on our contact page for booking dates, times and prices.)

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